Join us for a cause Dec 6, 2014

Join us on Saturday, December 6 at the Danny Kassab Estate  from 5-10pm to help provide medical relief to the displaced in Iraq. We are helping raise funds for MERCI to be able to provide essential medical care to internally displaced Iraqi christians. They are in great need at this time. It has been nearly three months since they became […]

November 23, 2014 MERCI Update

Thank you to everyone contributing. To date, $58,000 has been raised.       With everyone’s efforts, 9 transitional clinics have been established throughout Arbil, Kirkuk, Duhok, Sulaymaniyah, Zakho, Alqosh, and Shaqlawa.  Another shipment of medical equipment and supplies has been sent from here to northern Iraq and distributed to the various clinics. Monetary donations again have […]

Baby Milk Shortage

In many of the makeshift villages in northern Iraq are hungry babies who have no formula. There is a huge shortage of baby formula, let’s help feed these hungry children. They need our help! This is just one of the many problems facing our displaced people. Often, they are cramped into small spaces, sometimes hundreds […]

4 more families moved indoors

Four additional families are able to be houses in two separate units as a result of your donations. Thanks to the efforts of & Adopt a Refugee Mosul Relief, these families are able to call this place “home.” May God continue to bless all those helping to find housing for our displaced brothers & […]

Help from our fellow Christians across the US

In the midst of the tragedy that is unfolding in Iraq and Syria, the Chaldean/Assyrian community is extremely grateful for the people outside of their community who continue to pray and show support in any way they can. Since thousands of Iraq’s Christians have been displaced from their homes, having to flee in fear of […]

2nd Container of coats and other supplies left for Arbil

A second container has been shipped to displaced Iraqi Christians in northern Iraq. The container had thousands of coats, medical supplies, as well as hygiene products to provide warmth & comfort during the winter months. Again, many thanks to the generous donors who made this happen. May God continue to bless our community, especially those […]

Hard Winter Looms for Iraq’s ‘Betrayed’ Christian Refugees

Hard Winter Looms for Iraq’s ‘Betrayed’ Christian Refugees (1261) Without aid to survive in Kurdistan, or security to return to their homes, Iraq’s Christians feel they are brushed off as “collateral damage” of geopolitical power plays. by CNA/EWTN NEWS 10/20/2014 Comments (6) A family of Christian refugees in Iraq who are taking shelter at the Syriac Catholic Mrtshmony Shrine in […]

We Made A Difference!

A TEACH member, Ms. Yaldo, is very proud to work with some amazing students and staff at Agnes E. Beer Middle School.  The school held a week-long fundraiser, Let’s Make A Difference, which ran from Oct 13 through Oct 17th.  The generosity of students and staff surpassed our expectations.  We were able to collect $725 […]

Generous donation

We are INCREDIBLY grateful to the Abbo Family and U.S. Ice for their AMAZING $10,000 donation to! Please continue to support the wonderful, generous businesses that support our people. God bless!

Food for Families

A sincere message of thanks was delivered from Iraq for the donations that enabled church leaders to purchase food for families forced out of their homes by ISIS.   More than 150 displaced families in the villages of Alqosh and Bendewaye are in great need; their location being very close to ISIS, not many international […]


With the blessing of the Catholic Church and Bishop Francis, the Chaldean American Association for Health Professionals (CAAHP) has formed the Medical Emergency Relief for Christian Iraqis (MERCI) committee.  The mission of this committee is to provide emergency medical services and supplies to persecuted and displaced Iraqi Christians. There is a humanitarian crisis happening right now.  The […]