Temporary Shelter

With thousands of displaced Christians in Iraq and just weeks away from winter, families are desperate need for housing. Chaldean diocese in Detroit through the Mosul Relief Effort is funding two buildings that will be the home to about 80 families. The cost is going to be around $90,000 (no monthly rent). We will have photos […]

Finding Homes for Displaced Christians

Adopt A Refugee is funding two buildings that will be the home to about 80 families. The cost is going to be around $90,000 (no monthly rent). These buildings are essential for the safety and well being of these displaced families. Winter is coming and school is starting and these families are not able to go […]

The MERCI Sending Money for Medical Relief

Through Adopt A Refugee, MERCI will send another $15,000 to fund at least 6 clinics in Arbil. $5000 will be allocated to Dahok to establish a clinic inside an Assyrian Church, which is headed by Father Philipus in coordination with Father Hadeel of Telkaif. It will cost between $1,000 and $3,000 monthly for each clinic […]

Families in need

There are 200 families who couldn’t find shelter and have now settled in Alqosh; they are in desperate need of assistance for such things as rent. The St. Thomas Chaldean Catholic Diocese of the Eastern United States in coordination with Adopt A Refugee/Mosul Relief Effort, are working on a plan in assisting them, which includes $100 […]

Attached is the growing list of positive media published since Senator Cruz’s walkaway at the Solidarity Gala Dinner

Ross Douthat (New York Times), “The Middle East’s Friendless Christians”: http://www.nytimes.com/2014/09/14/opinion/sunday/ross-douthat-the-middle-easts-friendless-christians.html   “When the long, grim history of Christianity’s disappearance from the Middle East is written, Ted Cruz’s performance last week at a conference organized to highlight the persecution of his co-religionists will merit at most a footnote. But sometimes a footnote can help illuminate […]

Pope to Iraqi Christians: You Are Church’s Heart

Pope Francis has sought to encourage Iraq’s beleaguered Christians under threat from Islamic militants, saying they are the “heart” of the church and that the church is proud of them. In comments translated into Arabic during his weekly Wednesday general audience, Francis said the Catholic Church is like a mother, and like any mother will […]

Letter from Bishop Francis Regarding The List

From: Bishop Francis Regarding: The list In the last few days many people have called my office and many of our churches in regards to getting their relatives’ names on a list so they can leave Iraq.  This list was a request from someone in Washington DC and we do not know what they will […]

Some promising news

Some promising news: – Dutch Government has proposed to build 1,500 new living units in Dohuk and Erbil. – Also, it was suggested to our church leaders that we rent resorts for those that remain in parks and streets since the tourism season has come to an end. Our diocese is currently assessing these claims […]

If You Don’t Stop Evil, Evil Spreads. written by: Bishop Francis Kalabat

It reads like something from a history book or a class lecture about something decades and even centuries ago in a time period where we were less equipped to handle it. But it is happening right now, to our own people, in a time period where we have sophisticated military, high-tech equipment and the ability […]

Diaspora Iraqi Americans’ Advocacy Shapes a Fruitful Response

Diaspora Iraqi Americans’ Advocacy Shapes a Fruitful Response August 20, 2014 Prepared by Joseph T. Kassab From August 13th to August 14th, a delegation of Iraqi Christian leaders from all over the United States, led by Bishop Sarhad Jammo and Bishop Francis and joined by members of Team “Save Christians of Iraq” (Auday Arabo, Joseph […]