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Laheeb’s Surgery

Laheeb’s Surgery

Laheeb is 52 years old, and a loving husband and father of 4 who, along with his family, barely escaped Tel Kepe to Arbil and then to Turkey in hopes of migrating to the US.

This past June, Laheeb had a seizure followed by a 15 hour coma. Tests showed a small growth / tumor on his brain. The doctor told them that it’s not anything to worry about and he placed the father on anti-seizure medication, and continued to increase the dosage as the seizures became more frequent.

Things got worse. His left side became fully paralyzed. They rushed him to the hospital where the specialists gave them the news that no one wants to hear : the tumor has grown into an alarming size and that it needs immediate removal through surgery. The surgery was performed and it was a success.
The father now can slowly say some words and he can drag his left leg to walk. It cost the family $15,000 which they didn’t have. Relatives, charities and borrowing money helped the family pay for the surgery. Unfortunately, the tumor was cancerous and radiation treatment is very necessary to prevent it from reoccurring. He needed 30 sessions of radiation therapy. Estimated cost is a little over $10,000. This is money that the family doesn’t have in order to save their father.
We have raised $6,000. Due to unexpected travel and housing costs the cost has exceeded the $10,000. .

Date: November 12, 2017