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Adopt a Refugee Family Program

Since 2007, the ‘Adopt A Refugee Family’ program has raised millions of dollars to assist Iraqi Christian refugees throughout the world. In June 2014, which is a coordination between the Adopt A Refugee & the Chaldean diocese of Detroit was started as an emergency relief fund soon after Isis took over the city of Mosul, Iraq. Since then, has expanded by forming several subcommittees which deal with the various and diverse needs of the refugees in northern Iraq. Between the two organizations, approximately 1700 families are supported a month in Turkey, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, and Al-Qush Iraq, thanks to generous donors.


When donors sponsor a family through ‘Adopt A Refugee Family,’ at $100 a month, the donors have access to full transparency to the organization’s funding. One hundred percent of donations from the family sponsor are allocated toward the family; zero percent of the donation is given toward administration. Donors have access to four levels of transparency with the organization, and they are also given direct access to communicating with the family and its profile. AARF is adamant on keeping everything transparent with its sponsors. AARF and are extremely grateful to all their sponsors and donors. Please consider becoming a donor. For only $100 a month, you can make a difference in the life of those who are destitute and in need!


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