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Iraq has been experiencing a surge in Covid-19 cases.

According to statistics provided by John’s Hopkins University in early September 2020, the country of Iraq ranks 20th among the world with over a quarter-million cases. The minorities in Iraq are experiencing difficulties in accessing quality care. While there is no curative regimen at this point, there is an urgent need for oxygen, supportive care and medications. MERCI plans to send donations to cover the expenses for the Christian community in Duhok and Arbil, and expanding its mission to the nearby villages.

Chaldean Catholic Charities (CCC) Network

Medical Emergency Relief for Christians of Iraq

MERCI is under, which is an agency developed in 2014 in conjunction with Chaldean Diocese of Detroit for different humanitarian relief efforts shortly after ISIS forced over 150,000 Christians to leave their homes in Mosul and Nineveh plains. We support clinics in northern Iraq in providing different healthcare services such as medications, medical supplies and procedures. These clinics developed during the time of crisis to serve the refugees

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Student 2 Student

Student 2 Student Coalition (S2S) is a committee branch of the network under the St. Thomas Diocese to provide Humanitarian Aid & Advocacy for college students in Northern Iraq who are displaced due to religious persecution. S2S is a youth movement that seeks to connect students in America with students in Iraq and brings to light the reality and hardship Iraqi students endure.

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Adopt a Refugee Family Program

The Adopt-a-Refugee Family program has been successfully working with the Jesuits to aid these refugees for years. There are many ways to help, and 100% of your donations go directly to a family in dire need of help, and hope. There are many ways to help our cause.

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100% of your donation is donated to the cause

Help Iraq is a nonprofit organization founded by St. Thomas the Apostle, Chaldean Catholic Diocese of Detroit to assist persecuted Christians and other minorities in their homeland, as a result of the religious persecution of Christians in June 2014 by ISIS, primarily in villages with large Christian populations who have been displaced for over a year now. Many are living in makeshift tents, in abandoned buildings, churches & caravans. Children have been unable to attend school over the past year. In other areas, they have not attended school in years. Their homes, belongings & rights have been taken away with nowhere to turn. Help Iraq Objectives include but are not limited to providing basic daily human needs such as food, shelter, clothing and other necessities. Responding to the alarming humanitarian crisis & to raise awareness of the religious and ethnic cleansing. 

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