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As the “Voice for the food, beverage and petroleum industry” since 1910, AFPD is a multi-state trade association representing thousands of retailers operating in Michigan, Ohio and surrounding states. Our members include independent supermarkets, convenience stores, petroleum retailers, service stations, and specialty food markets. Our membership also includes wholesalers, distributors and manufacturers who support the retail industry.

AFPD is recognized as a leader in government and industry relations and closely monitors proposed state and federal legislation and how it will affect member retail businesses. Any proposed legislation that will have an adverse impact to food, beverage and petroleum retailers is met with AFPD’s strong lobbying efforts. Any positive proposed legislation is supported and advocated.

AFPD has made it a priority to help state retailers work to comply with all state, federal and local regulations. AFPD has worked very hard to establish a rapport with the departments and agencies with who state retailers communicate on a regular basis. Acting as a liaison to these departments and agencies, AFPD can often times find the answers to retailer questions and conversely help to educate retailers on guidelines and regulations that affect them.

AFPD maintains its Executive Offices in West Bloomfield, Michigan and offices in New Albany, Ohio.