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Food for Families

A sincere message of thanks was delivered from Iraq for the donations that enabled church leaders to purchase food for families forced out of their homes by ISIS.


More than 150 displaced families in the villages of Alqosh and Bendewaye are in great need; their location being very close to ISIS, not many international organizations have come to the area and deliver much needed aid.


The people on the ground provided a detailed list of items purchased.

– 450 cans of chicken

– 600 packets of cheese

– 300 bags of tea

– 600 bags of spaghetti

– 600 bags of ”shareya”

– 300 bags of lent

– 300 bags of ”burgur”

– 150 cans of jam

– 150 bags of 4 kilo rice

– 150 bags of 2 kilo sugar

– 150 bags of salt

– 150 bags of powdered milk

– 450 bottles of cooking oil

– 450 cans of tomato paste


The 150 bags filled with items above were distributed to 75 families in the village of Alqosh by the Shlama Foundation, and 75 families to the village of Bendewaye by the Chaldean Diocese in Detroit.f2 f3 f4 f5 f6 f7 f8 f10Mosul Effort flyer