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Reliability. Responsiveness. Reputation. From our inception as the former owner and operator of the largest independently owned dairy in the world, Melody Farms, our leader Michael George has always approached business with humility and grace. The George family with Michael George at the helm has owned and operated former giants Melody Farms, Stroh’s Ice Cream, Pioneer Snacks, Metro-Detroit Investment Company, Michigan Data Storage, Midwest Wholesale Foods, Pita Products and Melody International. All our new companies are a new chapter in a storybook that dates back to the 1950’s. As our story has taken us up-and-down the roller coaster of the business world, we have created businesses with innovative products that are individual expressions of modern usefulness and modern needs. The artistry of our business coupled with experience is designed to manipulate and create unique products for our customers. Specializing in healthy and environmentally friendly products our companies have become a beacon of new technology. Influences of older and newer generation are coming together in playful harmony. George is an umbrella of companies designed to accentuate diversification but working as one large juggernaut.