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Heavy rains causing more havoc to already displaced Christians living in tents.

Close your eyes for a moment……now imagine being out in the middle of nowhere with only a tent, some basic necessities & the clothes on your back. Temperatures are plummeting, the rain begins as a trickle, then the winds pick up & the downpour begins. You try to take shelter in your tent but the rain is so heavy, it’s hard to keep dry. You are cold, tired & hungry!

Now open your eyes, you are able to escape the nightmare. Sadly, most of our brothers & sisters who are living in these makeshift tents are unable to escape these horrible conditions. You hear the cries of children everywhere, crying, desperate cries of children’s of all ages. They are the innocent victims, they cannot comprehend why they were plucked from their warm beds, cozy homes, now to be living in a tent. This is the first night of many more to come for these children.
Look at these pictures, they depict what hundreds of thousands of displaced Iraqi Christians are now facing. To add insult to injury, the harsh winter they are facing over the next several months includes torrential rains & plummeting temperatures. In a building that houses over 600 people, in the courtyard alone, people lost everything they had, what very little they had, as a result of the rain. Because of the weather in the region, there is very little grass, the ground in the courtyard is basically dirt. When the heavy rains flooded the courtyard last night, that dirt became mud, a thick, grimy mud that destroyed everything in it’s path. Nothing was able to be salvaged. People could not find their shoes, so they are now barefoot! Many children couldn’t stop crying as they became engulfed in the mud. The situation is a natural disaster for these innocent victims.
Let us not turn a blind eye to those who need us. They need us now more than ever. Donate to to assist in providing better shelter for our people. Put yourself in their shoes, these are desperate times that call for desperate measures.r1 r2 r4 r5 r6 r7 r8