Recently, St. Thomas Apostle Diocese, through the generous donations of the choir members of all the churches in Michigan, raised $4000 to purchase a complete sound system, Including: Microphones, Keyboard, Mixer, and Speakers for a Chaldean choir in Jordan. The choir participates in masses celebrated by Fr. Zaid, the priest for the displaced Iraqis in Jordan. The refugees live in four areas near each other, and Fr. Zaid celebrates four masses: one on Friday, one on Saturday, and two on Sunday inside a Latin Church. The choir practices its weekly program in the room of a rented home.

Music is an essential part of our faith and can often times be overlooked or undervalued. Yet, throughout the Old and New Testaments, we see its importance, continuously, as a way of communicating deep messages to people, and evoking deep thoughts and emotions of joy, sorrow, or spiritual reflection. The book of Psalms is the biggest book in the Bible and is comprised of songs and poetry; Jesus and his disciples are noted as singing in Matthew 26:30; and many consider Mary’s Magnificat and the Angel’s announcement in the Gospel of Luke as words of song.

Realizing the importance of the choir in the celebration of Mass, and the Diocese in Michigan assisted the church there by providing their choir with the necessary tools which would help them offer praise and worship through songs and hymns. and St. Thomas Apostle Diocese wishes to thank the generous choir members from the churches here in Michigan for their generous contributions.