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Letter from Bishop Francis Regarding The List

From: Bishop Francis

Regarding: The list

In the last few days many people have called my office and many of our churches in regards to getting their relatives’ names on a list so they can leave Iraq.  This list was a request from someone in Washington DC and we do not know what they will be doing with it.  We don’t want names on a list to raise hopes if we don’t know what the end results are.  Even though they have begun to collect names in San Diego, we continue to look into whether we should be doing the same, because we know that there is no easy answer here and no easy one step solution to help our people.  We are not sure what those in Washington DC will even do with this list but as one church we always support efforts to help our people especially in crisis, including traveling to Washington DC, the United Nations in New York and create groups to work towards aid such as the medical and legal groups. As a church we are working on and willing to help all our people any way we can, whether they are inside or outside of Iraq, and if through this list then let it be. For more up to the minute information on our efforts please visit  This dire situation remains the top priority for our church.  Please pray for our persecuted and displaced brothers and sisters and all those who are working on these issues.

Thank you and may God help us all.