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With the blessing of the Catholic Church and Bishop Francis, the Chaldean American Association
for Health Professionals (CAAHP) has formed the Medical Emergency Relief for Christian Iraqis
(MERCI) committee.  The mission of this committee is to provide emergency medical services
and supplies to persecuted and displaced Iraqi Christians.
There is a humanitarian crisis happening right now.  The United Nations has reported onmr6 mr5 mr4 mr2 mr1 m2 m1 mr3
countless Christians suffering horrific crimes against humanity such as targeted killings, mass
murders, abductions, sex trafficking and ethnic cleansing.  Women and children are being raped
and sold into slavery.    As a result of this barbaric behavior, there are currently over 150,000
Iraqi Christians who have been forced to flee their homes without notice or be killed. Those who
have survived these condemnable acts and escaped murder are facing dire conditions due to a
lack of resources.  There are women, children and families living in cars on streets, under bridges
and in tents without clean water or food.
We must act quickly as winter is imminent.  Our immediate goal is to provide medical supplies
and funds to those in need as soon as possible. The major needs of these Iraqi Christians are the
most basic necessities of life: personal hygiene products, first aid kits, prescription medications,
and medical equipment for mobile units and imaging units.
MERCI is asking members of the community, individuals who believe in liberty, justice and
freedom, to contribute.  We are in dire need of basic medical supplies. Monetary donations can
be made to the Adopt‐A‐Refugee Family program, a 501c3 tax‐exempt nonprofit organization
(tax ID number: 38‐2953203) either
• Online at and clicking on the “donate to the medical
emergency relief fund for Christian Iraqis” tab.
• By Mail: CHECKS should be made out to “Adopt‐ A‐ Refugee” and specify
MERCI/CAAHP in the memo section and can be mailed to
PO BOX 323
Southfield MI 48037
If you would like additional information, please feel free to contact us at info@caahp‐
Thank you in advance for your support!
Musib Gappy, MD
President of CAAHP/MERCI