Through the generous donations MERCI has received, you have helped keep some major medical clinics alive and working for the people in Iraq.

Within the last week, the following clinics have received funds from MERCI to purchase medications and supplies:
• St. Joseph clinic in Ankawa – $3000
• St. Shmoney clinic in Ankawa – $2000
• St. Shmoney – Dr. Omar and Dr. Jihad – $1000
• Om Al Noor clinic in Ankawa – $1500
• Kirkuk center – $1500
• Shaqlawa center – $1800
• Delivery and Transportation cost of supplies $200

Many thanks and blessings are sent to all who have helped save lives! Donations are still needed to sustain these clinics.

Pictured below is Dr. Larsa also known as Sister Rosemary who is caring for over 600 families in Shaqlawa.