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Message from Chaldean Patriarch Louis Raphaël I Sako

Message from his beatitude the Patriarch:

His Holiness the Pontiff Pope Francis
The Beatitudes, Patriarchs of the East

Christians of Mosul fled their town, terrified and frightened with nothing but the clothes on their back, they were forced to leave their houses. Their churches were desecrated.

On the 2nd of August 2014, ISIS ( DAISH) forced control on ( Sinjar), and slaughtered 70 innocent citizens, which terrified the people of neighboring cities and caused a mass  migration out of the Villages of Telkef, Batnaya, Teleskouf,

Yesterday the (DAISH) fired mortars on town of Telkef and killed a young Christian man, Christians are facing events that are changing rapidly, yet they are unarmed, terrified, they realize that all options are considered.

It has been known by now that the central government is completely incapable of forcing order and peace throughout the country. Migrating to the province of Kurdestan are realizing that doors are open for them there. Considering that, the lack of cooperation between the central government and the government of Kurdistan is clear. A new government has not been formed yet and it requires an international support as well as the need to a trained and technically equipped army.

As for our Christian parties, they have failed to come up with any tangible results, due to reasons already well known by everyone even them.  We are hurt by the absence of a strong, clear, bold condemnation from Muslim leaders, knowing that these groups are forming dangerous on Muslims as well.

Church, more than any time in the past, even though, it finds itself alone in the battle field, yet, its leaders are urged to move for action, and pressure the international society, and world leaders before it is too late.  Serious action needs to be taken to find a solution to these huge crimes and destructing plans against the citizens, it is worth mentioning that all we witness in Iraq, Syria, Palestine / Gaza, is for what is under the ground, Petrol and Gas, what otherwise would justify such a radical war that runs according to a preplanned strategy, that pays no care to the fates of people.

No Speeches, condemning statements, or protesting marches come close to compensating for the catastrophic damages, with our gratitude and appreciation to the generosity of those who sent help, yet this modest amount does not solve the problem, we are calling of an international systematic action, if there is any awareness to this human principle left. We want real action, solidarity, we are facing a crisis of an existence, to live or to die.

This is a sincere appeal, looking for a solution, which is in the hands of the international society, especially the big countries, we are approaching their consciousness, to recalculate, reconsider the situation. They are in front of a human and moral responsibility, double standards dealing with the matter is not logical. They have to come out of their small circle of interest, and to ally in order to find a political, peaceful, resolution, and to put an end to all the conflicts, they have to put presser on those who train and fund those groups, in order to cut the source of violence and extremism, they have to urge Muslim leaders (Sunni and Sheie) to issue an official (fatwa) against attacking innocent Christians and their properties.

As for Iraqi Christians, being their spiritual leaders, we appeal to the international society,  they are in need of urgent humanitarian assistance as well as to a real continuous protection to comfort them and to stop un rooting them from their ancient land in Iraq and the Arabic East which is being ripped off and cut in pieces and it seems that the worst is yet to come,

We plead our brothers and sisters everywhere to share our pain, during this huge crisis, to feel what we feel, for we are one big family. As a delegation from the council of Bishops of France led by Archbishop of Lion, Cardinal Philippe Barbarin did during a visit they pay to us.

We still believe in dialogue, communication, and common living, May God gives us the grace and the ability to pass this calamity in addition may violence and hatred be taken out of all hearts.


Louis Raphiel Sako

Chaldean Patriarch of Babil