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November 23, 2014 MERCI Update

Thank you to everyone contributing. To date, $58,000 has been raised. 

     With everyone’s efforts, 9 transitional clinics have been established throughout Arbil, Kirkuk, Duhok, Sulaymaniyah, Zakho, Alqosh, and Shaqlawa.  Another shipment of medical equipment and supplies has been sent from here to northern Iraq and distributed to the various clinics. Monetary donations again have been sent to these clinics as well. They are grateful for the generosity of our donors, but we understand that they will continually need our help. See photos of the clinics being set up.

     We also have a great success story. When the MERCI project first began, there was a mother in Iraq who was pregnant with twins who was being treated with a low molecular weight heparin due to her hyper-coagulable state. She had suffered many miscarriages as a result of a pre-existing medical condition. What could easily have been treated in the United States was unattainable to this woman, as they did not have the medical care needed in order for her to sustain a long-term pregnancy. Her supply of the low molecular weight heparin was depleted, and they didn’t have any money to continue her therapy. Through MERCI, we were able to obtain the medication called Lovenox as a donation and it was shipped to her. We are very happy to report that the twins are born and growing healthy. Welcome baby boy Mardin and baby girl Meli Rose (see picture). The new growing family is ever grateful to everyone for contributing.

     Please look for our new website, coming soon.

     Please continue to help, as winter is coming. The need for medical care and prescriptions remains overwhelming. Please HELP. Please consider donating goods or funds to and click on the “Donate to the Medical Emergency Relief Fund for Christian Iraqis.” Please email any questions to

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