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The MERCI Sending Money for Medical Relief

Through Adopt A Refugee, MERCI will send another $15,000 to fund at least 6 clinics in Arbil. $5000 will be allocated to Dahok to establish a clinic inside an Assyrian Church, which is headed by Father Philipus in coordination with Father Hadeel of Telkaif. It will cost between $1,000 and $3,000 monthly for each clinic to stay open (most physicians are working as volunteers). Tomorrow, we will launch the $20 for MERCI program. This program entails us emphatically asking our people to encourage those who are outside our community or people in the medical field to participate, in which we are asking all people, especially outside the Chaldean community, to donate $20 or more every month to keep these clinics open.

MERCI (Medical Emergency Relief of Christian Iraqis)