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Updates Directly From Iraq

Things have improved slightly from the last couple of weeks.  The KRG is now providing 8 hours of electricity compared to four hours two weeks ago.

–  There’s a lot of Pesmerga in the area protecting the villages and our people feel safer.   It is better than before but people are still looking to leave.  The main reason is due to the lack of any economic activity.  There is insufficient fuel and electricity which makes it difficult to operate a business.

–  France’s recent announcement to accept visas from Iraqi Christians has encouraged several to leave.

–  Many are leaving to Jordan and Greece as well.

–  The United Arab Emirates Red Crescent has built four water wells, the people of Baghdaida built four additional wells and the central governments committee on minority affairs has built three wells.

–  There is still a major issue in Bartella, water is needed.  They’ve dug some wells but they are not connected to the main line.  Water quality is not good.

–  Of the initial funds that arrived to Patriarch Sako, the money was distributed to the centers that were in charge of assisting the immediately displaced refugees.

–  The Central government has recently provided $800 in aid to each family, but more is needed.  This was a one-time issuance.  This money will help for one month.

–  Immediate needs – there are no jobs, need cash to survive.  1,037 families need immediate cash to survive – $400 a month – totaling $500,800.

–  A plan needs to be created to revive the economy so people can work

–  Requested the Central Government needs to open offices to provide legal documents that were taken from them in Mosul – passports, ID cards, public assistance.

–  Would like to see a commitment from the international community to protect the area