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US Chaldeans Urge More U.S. Support for Iraq’s Minorities

Michigan — The St. Thomas Chaldean Catholic Diocese for the eastern region of the United States has urged the U.S. government to take more action to help religious minorities caught in the ongoing violence in Iraq.

President Obama recently authorized airstrikes against Islamic militants moving toward areas where American military and diplomats are stationed.

In recent weeks, the militants have killed scores of people belonging to minority religions in the region.

“Our Patriarch is begging the United States for humanitarian relief. This is a crisis and it is a human rights issue. This is not an isolated Iraqi problem,” said a statement from the Diocese’s Southfield office quoting Bishop Francis. “We are witnessing a Christian Holocaust.”

Local Chaldean groups are also urging that the U.S. allow more refugees from the crisis-hit region.

“France has already agreed to take in refugees from Iraq,” said Auday Arabo, spokesperson for the Diocese. “We are hoping the United States and other countries will follow. We need to help those minorities who want out of Iraq with safe passage.”

Posted on The Oakland Press: